Wednesday, August 9, 2017

5 Reasons to Love Wall Stickers

My renovation project which I started in the first half of this year and still needs some final touches to be finished, not only taught me a lot of things about proper house management, but also introduced me to many interesting materials and interior design ideas. One of them is the wall stickers, which I actually introduced into my life much earlier, when started to decorate the room of my son. 
Since then, I extended their use also for the kitchen and the bathroom and the more I get to know them the more I love the idea. Therefore, this blog post aimed at outlining (at least) 5 reasons why to love wall stickers.
No.1Easy to Apply Most of the renovation project involved acquiring new skills, especially when it comes to painting. And also new clothes, to be used only when I am supposed to paint. In the case of wall stickers, all you need is to take them out of their roll and apply on the wall. As simple as that. No traces, no dirt, no headaches.
No.2 - Affordable investment I acquired my wall stickers from various places, including Bauhaus and online dedicated shops and every time the investment was definitely within my budget. Given the fact that I can take them out any time and eventually change them with something different, it is really worth any single cent.
No.3 - Funny Especially for active children like my son, the wall stickers are such a fantastic way to learn, while making life more colourful.
No. 4-Covering unwanted flaws You have a wall with various aesthetic issues - such as small holes or traces of dirty hands or...who knows what ? A cute little wall sticker can keep you covered until you have enough money and/or time to set up the issue professionally.
No. 5 Flexible interior design solution - Are you about to leave your flat and you will always regret your beautiful decorated corner? A wall sticker exactly like the one you used to have once will bring back the home feeling and all the good memories. 

What about you? What are your best tips about using wall stickers?

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