Friday, August 18, 2017

Innovation by Neutrogena: Anti-Acne Light Therapy Mask

Given my interest for creative beauty and skin care products and ideas, I couldn't miss this innovative mask by Neutrogena. Delivered in big drugstore chains in Germany such as Rossmann, and available for around 46 EUR., this product is aimed at reducing the acne. Affecting women at different ages, but especially teenagers, acne creates negative effects on self-perception, social relationship, job search and professional achievements in general or dating. 
The product was created based on tests with 52 participants, presenting various degrees of acne, that used the product for 10 minutes the day, for 12 weeks. That amount of time is recommended for using the mask too. It operates with both blue and red light, therefore there is a double weapon against acne: the blue light is fighting the bacteria producing acne, while the red one reduces the infections. The mask doesn't have chemical elements and do not produce ultraviolet rays. The first effects are visible after one week of regular use. 

The package contains a face mask, looking as a Japanese fask mask, with only space for the eyes left, and an activator, which allows using the mask 30 times. After that, a new product should be purchased. 
The steps for daily integrating the mask into your regular skin care routine are as follows:
- clean the face with face cleaning products and dry the skin
- activate the mask
- put the mask on the face and relax for 10 minutes, while the rays are operating on your skin. 
Overall, it looks as an interesting - and high-tech looking solution - which can improve your fight against acne, most probably together with a proper dermatologist supervision and an adequate nutrition.

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