Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Beauty Product Review: Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel by Benefit

The 'brows bar' by Benefit at Galeries Lafayette in Berlin
By nature I have think, full, dark eyebrows, that need at least every two weeks some special shaping intervention. Until my late 20s, I refused to do anything with them, just left them wild and dark, followed by a period when I made them so thin that I had to use a special pencil to fill them back. 
This unhappy brows period lasted until I discovered Anastasia Soare and her magic addictive kits. I am happy with everything she is creating for brows that I never cared about other products invading the market. My kit has everything: the make-up powder suited to my original brows colour, the perfect tweezers - both in terms of design and ease to use them efficiently - and the gel which I use at least once the day. I haven't look for or need anything else for years...
A couple of days ago though, I had the chance to try the brow volumizing fiber gel from the US-based company Benefit. The company has a long list of products for brows, but you shall buy them one by one. They have a special design and are sold in colourful packages with pin-up girls on the box. 
I tested the brow volumizing fiber gel for a full week, applying on the brows early in the morning. Waterproof, it lasts the whole day and can be applied easily, thanks to the fine and efficient brush. You just need to stroke the brush tip along the brow to define shape and eventually, if there is enough material to play with, to try to shape and build it. Usually, I am using a special gel which shapes the brow, preferably after I apply the make-up, and it has the advantage of maintaining the brow well defined for the rest of the day. The Benefit gel is rather a mascara and it helps especially those thin light colour brows, as it helps to better define the brows. However, if you are from the gang of 'big dark brows' it doesn't make such a big difference, except some fine definition, which is just fine. What I really loved was the fine brush and how easily you can use it on the brow length.
Despite those observations, I recommend the brow volumizing fiber gel, proferably in combination with another one of their many brows products. They are high quality, a good costs-benefits balance and do have a cute design. 

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