Thursday, August 31, 2017

My Experience with Lip Patch by Isana Young

Sometimes you just have a look a bit scary - at least for a while - before looking better. It goes with the Korean masks - when my son first saw me wearing them he was in a shock - or the lip patch. Actually, the lip patch offers visually the Halloween-kind of fun, as it only has the enormous lips shape covering more than half of the face. In the last months, I've read reviews about them and was interested to have my own experience about them. At the beginning of the summer I purchased one bag from Rossmann, produced by ISANA Young and tried it a couple of weeks later. 
If you ignore your own appearance during the 20 minutes requested for applying the patch, the results are impressive. As I suffer once in a while because of dry lips, I am trying to keep them hydrated, in addition to drinking as much water as possible, especially in the summer. 
ISANA Young Lip Patch are suited for every skin type, and were created for Rossmann, at a very convenient price. Actually, ISANA is a good brand if you are looking for toileteries such as shower gel, at very affordable prices, recommended particularly if you travel, for instance. My lips were not only hydrated, but the patch had peeling effects too. The pinky jelly patch contains a liquid which is working outside and inside the lips, eliminating the dead cells and hydrating in-depth. One day after I used them, the lips are still looking and feeling fresh and with a velvet texture.
I didn't experience any allergic reaction, except a bit of itchy and burn, the usual sensation in case of peeling masks, meaning that something good is really going on with and on your skin.  
I personally recommend this product to anyone looking to have normal and healthy looking lips. Although the one I tried is a limited edition, I might look for similar products by other brands.

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