Sunday, September 3, 2017

How I Spent My August

Sometimes, you need to feel that only sky is the limit!
I am rarely - if ever - doing round up monthly posts, sharing my latest events, unless is there something special going on. Like the birth of a new baby, or a new job or some important blogging and writing milestone. This time, there is nothing that important I want to talk about, but just how, with a healthy mindset, a lot of motivation and discipline, I succeeded to have one of the most productive month of the year.
As a single mother with a busy life and a lot of interests, it is hardly a day where I am not doing or planning to do something new. Very often, my plans are rewarded and I am left with the feeling of the good job done, but also the obligation and motivation to continue. 
Why then this month was different of any other month? What made it so special for writing a full blog post about it? 
The difference was that compared to any other month of my life, at the very beginning of it, I said to myself and to my friend: 'This month, I want to take the full advantage of every day'. This is what I have in mind every single day, but I rarely made it public or keep repeating it often. I am just taking for granted every day but without openly expressing the gratitude or explaining how I will be grateful for. 
Once I made the statement, I observed more actively my eveyday schedule, with a specific focus on my achievements. Indeed, things looked much different and extremely refreshing. Every day I achieved and even overpassed my daily plan of steps; I started to walk barefoot in the garden; I started my days early in the morning, with a busy schedule ahead and planning to keep this schedule for at least 6 days the week; I concluded some interesting collaborations for my blogs; I covered a lot of topics and features on my blogs; I had some important meetings for my future professional plans; I was able to have at least two interesting trips, one of them abroad; I did some valuable and well paid freelance working; I've spent some quality time with my friends; I tried at least two new recipes; I tried to better organise my finances and manage my savings; I improved my social media coverage, by spending some targeted time networking on the right channels; I did an extensive blogging planning for the topics I want to cover in the next weeks. And there were for sure many more achievements, such as the interesting books I've read and reviewed, and the time shared helping people in need and also the unique time playing and learning together with my son. I also succeeded to worry less and avoid stresssful situations and individuals. 
Of course my life is far from being perfect and I am happy with that. But I cannot deny the positive effects of just a single sentence: 'This month, I want to take the full advantage of every day'. It gave me so much energy and motivation that I can go much easier over the tensed and unhappy moments. 
This is how I want to spend from now on, every month, finding the right motivation and strength to succeed, whatever the circumstances. Indeed, when you think that only sky is the limit, you end up feeling just like that!

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