Sunday, November 26, 2017

Bold Colours from Calzedonia

Although some serious really elegant people might contest this fact, one sure and constant thing about me is that I love colours and colourful outfits. Sometimes I do match everything properly, sometimes not too much, but I keep being colourful.
After all, life is too short to wear plain boring uni clothes, isn't it? As I do wear in 99.9% of the cases dresses and skirts, matching thights is a big concern when it comes to creating an outfit. And all those who know me for a while, noticed how much I love colourful special tights. Even that the rest of my outfit is modest and usual and not so outstanding, the tights are making a very big difference, therefore I am always looking for interesting products and combinations.
When it comes to legwear, Calzedonia is by far my favorite brand to find the best tights, at incredible convenient prices. The tights are always long lasting, special - both in terms of colours or patterns - and simply adorn my feet like a beautiful jewellery. I love everything about them, and although I am not so revolutionary to wear socks, some of their collections of fine elegant socks are amazing. This time, I bought three beautiful samples of the Soft Touch Collection: Verde Bosco (dark green), which goes fine with light outfits, Cobalt Blue which is a vibrant blue I love to match it with perfectly modest black skirts, and a Retro Pink which is a pastel colour that would love to match with a brown tobocco skirt or even a purple one.
Making the choice of purchasing those three beauties was a hard one, and I would probably back for some other colours as well, and at least one other elegant black sparkling pair too. Because, why not? It is the season when making presents is a way to reward yourself for the hard work done the rest of the year. And me, as you, I fully deserve it!

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