Friday, November 3, 2017

Everyday Ingredients of Mitomo Masks

In the last weeks, I continued testing a new batch of Mitomo masks. After experiencing the positive effects of some very special ingredients, like horse oil, for instance, or the face sheets with hyaluron or other basic ingredients that are becoming so popular lately, this time most of the products included everyday substances.
A special note on the design of each package: as a regular user of beauty products, especially face masks, I noticed a stereotypical disregard to the way in which the masks are presented. In Europe you have generally some glowing woman face smiling from a shining package where you have a lot of written details about the products. This batch of masks from Mitomo, do have a lot of written details too, but inserted among well chosen inspired images of the ingredients. It is not only about entincing the customer to buy it, but offering a product tailored according to the highest quality standards.
Back to my experience with the masks now. This time, I decided to use them at the beginning of the day, as I started to have very early mornings due to the shortening of the light hours. Shortly before being awake, I decided to start applying a mask while for the next 20 minutes I keep myself busy checking the latest social media updates and planning the rest of the day. It was my own meditation moment to open the morning. 
Each of the sheet has 25 gr. and is heavily soaked into liquid. It works for all skin types and I personally did not experience any negative effects. As usual, the masks were kept in the fridge overnight, for a refreshing effect in addition to the nourishing.
I started with Camellia Essence Mask, using camellia flower, an ingredient of the Japanese cuisine or drinks. What I did not know is that there is camellia oil which is rich in vitamins such as A, B, D and E or nourishing Omega 3, 6 and 9, having a higher concentration of antioxidants than almost any other botanically derived oil.
The green tea doesn't neet too much introduction as an excellent product for both the food and beauty industry. As a face mask, it has a deep cleansing effect, eliminating any blemishes or rashes and red spots. After applying the Green Tea Essence Mask, the skin looked well hydrated and youthful, ready to cope with an overwhelming busy day.
The Rice Leaven Essence Mask may smell a little bit compared to the previous too which are fragrance free, but this highly moistured sheet mask is the perfect antidote to a tired face. After 30 minutes of applying it - I wanted to treat my face with an extra 10 minutes of morning care - the good nutrition mix of ingredients - rice protein, SOD, beta glucon, Vitamin B, among many others - my face went through a radical lift and it looked perfectly rested. 
Another good remedy for a tired skin was the Soy Bean Essence Mask, as soy has amazing natural effects, reducing irritation, improving considerably the skin texture, building the useful resources of collagen and fighting efficiently the damage produced by sun. 
Many of the masks do have, besides the beautifying effect, clear healing and skin care effects. By using face sheets, the chances of increasing the efficiency of the product, as the substance stays longer on the skin are higher. The Tea Tree Essence Mask by Mitomo is recommended especially if you are trying to offer a special protection to your skin. The tea tree has antiseptic and anti-fungal benefits, reducing the risk and effects of infection. It helps considerably against skin infections, burns or rashes and it is recommended to use it especially during the summer when some of us might forget the use a proper skin cream. It has a smooth Tiger balm smell but it worked perfectly deep into the skin tissues and my face looked regenerated and fresh, after only 20 minutes.
The most exotic ingredient of this batch of masks is Sake Essence Mask. I am not a big fan of sake drink, but I may acknowledge its benefits for the skin, such as moisturizing - due to the high concentration of glycerol and amino acids. What I did not know either is that you can also add some drops of sake to your bath water, with a better moisturizing and heat-retention effects. At least I have one more serious reason to reconsider my opinions on sake.
Meanwhile, my next batch of Mitomo masks are quietly waiting in my fridge to be tested in the next days. Stay tunned for more reviews!

Disclaimer: Masks offered generously by Mitomo to test, but opinions are, as usual, my own

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