Saturday, November 11, 2017

Online Dating Etiquette: Some 5 Useful Tips

It's weekend, that time of the week when most of us, singles, do feel a bit under the weather and maybe longing for that special someone for keeping your warm or planning your next winter trip. As usual, the next step is up to you: you can either keep dreaming, or take the dramatic decision of chaning this unpleasant situation. Perhaps you are just considering to open an account on one of the many online dating sites, and you need just a bit of encouragement that you are on the right path. Or maybe you are just thinking to join one of the many single meetings in your hometown.
Whatever your decision, as a modern woman fully aware of your power, you are the one and only to take the decision. But if you are ready for finding your match online, I am happy to share with you five useful tips for the online dating etiquette:

1. Always be polite!

You don't have to be exclusively into older dating in order to keep your politeness at a high-end level. Being polite, keeping the conversation at a very respectful yet honest level is an attribute of good education, regardless your age and gender. 

2. Differences matter!

I am not only talking about the usual differences, such as education, gender and income, but it also has to do with various regional differences which might influence the dating patterns. Thanks to online dating, people can find nowadays a partner oversea or hours away from their hometown. How they succeed to keep the relationship? By taking into account the different regional aspects, including in terms of language, even under the same generous category of 'English'. Therefore, Gloucester dating might be completely different of Lincolnshire dating, Nottingamshire dating or Cornwall dating. A bit of research doesn't hurt at all!

3.  Be cautious!

It is important to be honest and open about yourself and what do you expect from a relationship, but take your time and think twice before sharing too much information about yourself, including your address or even sharing your phone number. If you have children, wait until things are getting more serious until introducing to each other. It doesn't mean necessarily that something wrong would happen to you if you are doing, but you better wait and check a little bit the other person until he or she becomes more real than an online profile and an obviously smiling picture!

4. You aren't looking for a penpal, isn't it?

A couple of years ago, I 'met' a pretty educated guy on an online site and we started to share a lot of interesting things about life, books we've read, science and many more. Practically, we ended up exchanging more than 4-5 long messages each day, where we were talking about so many great things and shared high-end scientific articles too. Then, it happened to be in the same country and we kept doing the same exchange, meeting only twice. When together in real time, it was obviously no chemistry, nothing really compatible about each other so after a while, the 'relationship' was lost and it was meant to be as we were nothing more than passionate penpals.

5. Keep it to the point!

As a modern independent woman, you know what you are looking for and what kind of partner you would love to spend time with. There is natural selection operating on online dating as it does in most of our life choices: It is nice to meet people from all over the world and backgrounds, but don't forget the reason why you are online dating! Therefore, it is important that before you are getting your profile ready to publish, have a little brain storming with yourself about what you are looking for. It is much better not only for your time management, but for the other person too. Sending the wrong message might be deceiving and the sooner you make things clear, the better. 

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