Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Rossmann Blogger Assignment: Lagom feelings from Barnängen

I recently wrote about Lagom and the beauty of living in moderation, but it was only from a theoretical point of view, as I did not have too many direct experiences - besides my visits to Sweden, where I also taught for a summer school once - with this much praised life-style. My wish to get a better knowledge about Swedish moderation and elegance come true, once I was offered to test the newest products by Barnängen, recently introduced to the German market and distributed through the Rossmann drugstore network. An iconic company, Barnängen was founded in 1868 and become famous for its soaps, but it soon diversified its products and nowadays offers a range array of shower and daily care items.
The four products I was offered in an impressively big box are the perfect company for a pleasant shower routine: Nutritive shower cream, Nutritive body lotion, Midsommar Glow Body Oil - doesn't matter we are running deep into the winter, your body should not stop glowing anyway - and all over intensive Body Balm
They look relatively good, without an outstanding elegant design but acceptable. However, the quality inside each bottle is far beyond the expectations, and for a good serious reason. I tested the products regularly twice the day, and I did not experience any allergy, but if you have a sensitive skin you might pay attention to the ingredients and to the advice of your dermatologist. 
Besides the body oil, the other products are designed as cold creams, a combination between fat ingredients and water. Barnängen products use could berries, an ingredient common to many traditional Swedish beauty and food recipes, including toppings for ice creams. The smell if very pleasant and easily impregnates the skin which remains discretely perfumed during the day.
The body oil has a floral mix, with a particular pleasant natural scent, leaving the skin smoothy and velvet-like. 
My personal experience with this set of Barnängen products was of 5 stars, with a pleasant skin feeling accompanying me during my busy hours and a relaxation and peace feeling after the evening shower. A wellbeing feeling I want to keep with me this winter.
All the 4 products are priced conveniently in the Rossmann stores in Germany.

Disclaimer: Products offered by Barnängen via the Rossmann Blogger Program, but opinions are, as usual, my own.

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