Friday, November 3, 2017

When Art Meets Fashion: Palmers Art Nouveau Collection

Fashion is an art in itself, but when the recognized art trends are integrated into the work of fashion the result is very often brilliant. It is about all those beautiful details and visual information which do have a touch which goes far beyond the everyday trends. In most cases, the result is a wearable work of art which whose value remains even the seasons are changing.
One such result is the latest underwear collection launched this October by Palmers, inspired by the beautiful details of the Viennaise Art Nouveau, one of my favorite art trends. Provocative yet elegant, it focuses on decorative details, which are smartly distributed on the relatively limited surface of the material.
This exquisite bra do have, besides some classical Art Nouveau floral motives, small Swarowski stones on the straps, a very elegant addition. 

Wearing black is always a serious statement, but there are different kind of blacks and different ways to wear and display it.

Besides black, champagne gold is a predominant colour of this collection, a very mild and fine choice of underwear.

Among other good things that can be said about this newly entry edition of works by Palmers, it is also that it encourages the return to perfect elegance, that still can be encountered on the streets of the beautiful city of Vienna. The more layers you wear the best dressed you feel.
Every single item of the collection brings a special attention to adorning details, which outlines the natural lines of the body. You can wear your underwear as you wear your hat or your newest pair of shoes.
Night gowns should not be dramatically different of the usual items you are wearing by day. Even if you are sleeping alone, you have no reason to not offer yourself the elegant touch of a beautiful outfit. Because you deserve it, obviously.
 A PJ made by Palmers is equally a statement even if it looks more sporty than you are probably used to wear. An Art Nouveau classical detail can change completely the overall view.

It is hard to say which of the elements of the collection I love the most, but the fine straps bras with exotic motives and small stones made it instantly on the very short list. 
All I hope that this passion for art will continue and I can't wait to be impressed by more and more elegant collections. 

Pictures taken from Palmers website

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