Thursday, August 9, 2012

Discovering Microplane - The Original

There are a couple of accessories that at the first sight you might know that you need in the kitchen. Due to my limited interest in everything cooking - till a couple of years ago - when I saw for the first time a cheese plane, I had the reaction of someone that visits a museum: look at the object and then followed with curiosity the sure moevs of my host who was slicing the cheese. Of course that you can continue slicing the cheese with the knife, but when it comes to parmezan, for instance, you should make a lot of efforts. 

The quality of cheese planes differs from a product to another and from a brand to another. You need an ultra-sharp plade that could offer you the chance of slicing the cheese into thin, medium and thick slices - the case of soft cheeses - or to successfully cope with the challenges of the hard cheeses such as Parmesan. 

foto credit: Microplane website
Included in the category of products offered by the famous company Microplane - based in Arkansas, but with representatives all over Europe -, their new Original cheese plan are ergonomically designed, with a soft touch handle, with a turn knob that will help you to adapt the thickness to the cheese you deal with. An integrated Ribbon blade allows to grate small amounts of cheese. It is ultra sharp, and made of stainless steel with a steplessly variable blade. It is nice, elegant and easy to use: the perfect ingredients that any chef expects from a high-end tool.

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