Tuesday, June 28, 2016

5 Sport Shoes for a Sporty Summer

I am not the sporty kind of person, but as a mother that should carry the buggy every single day, I realized that my usual medium-heels shoes are not appropriate for the moment I am living. Thus, I had to make some changes in my wardrobe, by adding some sport shoes. Here are my latest choices: 

For a very very sporty statement, this Goretex/Adidas shoes are perfect. Biking, walking, hiking, baby morning errands, are just a few options offered by this pair. Available for 84.95, they promise to write a long love walking story.
These Esprit shoes are close to my style. I definitely love the colour - although I would not say 'no' to more lively variants -, the shape and the promise of fitting even less sporty outfits. One pair costs in Germany 39.99 EUR.
Also from Esprit, I could not keep my eyes from these simple flip-flops. I see them together with a long white dress and some flower print blouse. All the materials used make it a very comfy choice.A pair costs 29.99 EUR.
Nike has some very interesting models, that could make a fashionista interested in high science. It has many customized offers which can go from adding some Swarowski stones to adapting to various sports, from jogging to basketball or biking.
The colours are also divese and tempting, but first and foremost, the high-end medical considerations made these shoes a top choice on the market. 

What about you? What are your favourite sport shoes for the season?

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