Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Easy recipes: Stuffed mushrooms

The last year, because pregnant and very busy and with limited resources of any kind in general, I had a crush on stuffed mushrooms. For many reasons: easy to prepare, delicious especially when eaten cold, very cheap ingredients.
In a couple of minutes, everything is ready and you can even invite some friends to share with. You can eat them in the morning - if you and your work colleagues do not mind garlic or if you eliminate my favourite ingredient completely - but also for lunch or in the evening. 

The list of ingredients:
250 gr. of brown mushrooms - white mushrooms are also good
one bunch of fresh dill
250 gr. fresh yogourt or cottage cheese
100 gr. za'atar or dried oregano
one pinch of salt, on taste
5 garlic cloves, finelly chopped - this is again, de gustibus, given the concerns previously mentioned.

The directions:
Clean and emtpy the mushrooms
Fill it with the cheese or yogourt
Add the salt and garlic and zaatar
Adorn the entire composition with some dill

Put in the oven - 250C - for 5 minutes, in order to allow all the ingredients to get together well.

Let to rest and serve it, eventually accompanied by a tomatoes salad.

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