Sunday, November 20, 2016

Testing Temporary Tattoos from Fake Tattoos Sweden

 A couple of years back, I had a long time collaboration with the Swedish company Fake Tattoos, that ended up with a lot of temporary tattoos that I still didn't have enough time and opportunities to use. Encouraged by my first fake tattoos experience this summer, I returned to my nice packages from Sweden and started the relatively simple process of applying the tattoo. For now, I choose the infinity tattoos, a popular model as far as I remember. 
I cut my tattoo from the foil and further applied it with the face down on the skin. A water-soaked pad was apply on it and keep it on the wrist for around 4 minutes. 
Thereafter, I slowly removed the pad and the tattoo paper and I am done! The infinity tattoo shows up nicely on my wrist. The entire intervention doesn't last more than 10 minutes so if you are in a hurry before running wild at a party or dance club, consider to reserve a couple of minutes for getting one of the beautiful and inspiring tattoos available to buy online from the website. The page is available in French and German too, besides Norwegian and Swedish, thus communication is not a problem when it comes to ordering those tattoos. 
The visual effect is powerful and at least for the first hours, it looks like a real tattoo. As I decided to place it on my wrist, which is moving a lot, I undertook the risk of having it short-lived. Add water and the friction with the winter layers, and the life was even shorter. Unfortunately, my fake tattoo lasted only two days, but what two glorious day, when I temporarily looked as a fancy hipster, which in Berlin isn't that difficult at all. As I still have many tattoos to try, I may give it a new try soon, because it is never too cold to wear a fake tattoo. Even in Berlin. 
Disclaimer: Tattoos offered by Fake Tattoos, opinions, as usual, my own

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