Thursday, May 4, 2017

Renovation continues

The paints section at Bauhaus, Berlin
The last few days were terribly intense and with daily - renovation-related - challenges. As I promised myself to operate on a very strict schedule, I spent most of my free time - which means, when I am not cooking and taking care of the baby, writing for a living and managing more than 3 blogs and other administrative works, plus sleeping and drinking coffee once in a while - advancing my project. 
It meant a lot of hours spent shopping for various things, such as paint, testing brushes, returning to the store the non-functional items, checking for the best price and improving my technical skills. I wasn't always successful, and some time went waster while being unable to find the right dimensions of pillows for the covers bought initially, or coping with using the wrong cleaning clothes for the windows. Sometimes I realized that I didn't paint properly one specific corner and had to start everything again in the middle of the night.
As for now, after a bit more than 10 days since starting this crazy project - at least for my friends who are still wondering why I didn't hire a professional team to do everything in one day. My answer is that I really wanted to take this challenge and also finally learn on my own, through my own experience, how to manage a home. Learning the hard way is always the favorite, especially when you realize it is about time.
Right now, there are only some small details to fix: changing the vinyl flooring in the kitchen - I know already the model I want to buy; changing the blinds in my room; painting the window frames and washing the windows in my room; changing the shower system and the lamp - those tasks will be kindly assigned to my landlord as we are entering school-related issues and I prefer to avoid any major accident; painting one wall and a half in the living room; changing the curtains in the living room. I have some small arrangements to make on my book shelves, but it is not too much to set anyway. 
After I will be done, I have to start to sort out the very messy situation in my storage room, especially by giving away a lot of things I don't need. But this will be my work the first week after the big renovation is over.
As for now, I am optimistic to have a much modern, cleaner and functional house and looking forward to an extraordinary home - and a storage room too - by the beginning of June!
My next posts will be dedicated to specific issues I encountered during my works, such as finding the right paint and brushes or the right ingredients to have clean windows, or some small interior design tips.
Looking forward to it and keep in touch with good news!

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