Sunday, January 2, 2011

Vegetables in coconut milk

Let's return to our Thai atmosphere - and, in my case, memories.
My basic source of inspiration for this recipe is here, but also my brain and taste that remember very well the tasty food I had in Thailand not so long time ago.
The maximum time for preparing is of approximately 1h.30 - depending of the time of boiling the vegetables. This is a dish for three persons.
Beforehand, you need to shop the following vegetables:
carrots - 7, to be boiled and then sliced
potatoes - 15, medium seize, boiled and then sliced
scallion - 7 finely chopped
garden beans (see the previous post) - 10, finely chopped
tomatoes - 5, sliced
ginger - 2-3 finely sliced
dill - one bunch, finely chopped
After the carrots and potatoes are ready, add the whole group of ingredients in a pan - 150 C heated - , where you add some canola oil - 100 g.

After maximum 15 minutes, you add 1 l. of coconut milk, add some salt - if do you have with some herbs, even better - and mix over and over again. If you have some saffron too, even better, and you will obtain a wonderful light yellow colour. Just the right rainbow for making you even hungrier and learn you to love for ever the Thai food. As I do.
Bon appetit!
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