Friday, April 29, 2011

My CSN status (P)

Thanks to CSN's generosity, I ordered recently two very useful tools for making my pizza days and evenings more pleasant. First, for preparing the pizza, I wanted a special pan and second, after the pizza was ready, I wanted to introduce it to my eyes on a colourful big (31cm) plate. The order made its way to me in approximatively 10 days (only me it's the lazy one in writing the post, but believe, me I was too busy to eat the pizzas). 

The conclusion of the happy and successful user(s): both products are matching the needs of me and my family in terms of fast but very delicious meals. The plate is so nice and practical that I would like to assign it new functions: for serving fruits, sandwiches, salads, cheese...Big challenge for the imagination, so at least for the last weeks I didn't visit too many restaurants lately.
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