Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A spicy tea, for a good afternoon

I am still trying to get acquainted with the pleasures of tea and it will take me a long time till I will be able to play the role of a real connoisseur. But the summer and the winter are the best time to test more teas and fragrances and also to read as much as I can find about the mysterious - yet - drink (for me). (I am preparing a very historical-intellectual post about tea sorts and its history, but probably after I finish the long line of real foodie reviews waiting in line for me).

From the same Rossmann shop, I purchased a Bio Sweet Chai Vanille. I am passionate about spices and wanted to see their effect on everyday teas. The result is very pleasant, with the full fragrance turning my kitchen into an interesting secret food laboratory.

The good and perfumed taste comes at the end, after the tea spent some 2-3 seconds in your mouth. It is a good simple taste of good mixture of spices. Do not expect nothing sophisticated or outstanding, an unique fragrance of vanilla spices, but a good perfumed companion. It goes very well with biscuits and even with some Gouda small cheese croquets. It goes as well at the end of some heavy foodie days, when all you need is a little bit of help to relax your tired stomach.

It is easy and you can drink as many as you want to. There it is always a good occasion to celebrate the good life. 

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