Thursday, September 18, 2014

A litle bit of DIY: Peacock feathers from Tiger

When I am looking for that little thing that will make my life a bit colourful, but without a bigger investment, I am heading to my local Tiger shop. If you are a well experienced hobby lover, you would rather look for something more complicated, but in my case, I am always out of time, with resources directed towards other objectives - such as travel - so I rather would try something minimal. During the intensive shopping preparations for the beginning of the school, I decided to offer myself as well a little funny present. 
I am a very big lover of peacock feather for their delicacy and beauty and combination of colours. No wonder that I left the shop with those little pieces, that suit very well both my cell phone and my small camera. You can place them in different positions, together or separately.

They are relatively good quality, resistant - although the eye of one of the feathers went away a couple of days after I applied it, but for the rest of it, is getting well, even one month after. It looks discreet, a little sparkle of beauty on the simplest daily tools. 

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