Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Der Berlin Mode Salon at the KaDeWe store

On the occasion of the Berlin Fashion Week, at the end of January, at the KaDeWe store a special corner was created displaying some creative work by fashion artists Made in Berlin. I recently visited this small shop - at the 2nd floor of the store - getting to know interesting creations. A project in collaboration with Vogue, the Salon was opened until the beginning of January.
To be honest, many of the names displayed on the transparent walls of the salon were completely new for me. The works were covering a big variety of styles, from casual to high-end elegance. For instance, if looking for a smart and glamorous office style, many of the items displayed by the Berlin and Paris trained designer Antonia Goy were the stylish answer to the cubicle challenges.
William Fan is more playful and street-fashion oriented. His pieces are ageless and bring the summer and youthful enthusiasm into your closet. 
Rianna+Nina are a different breed of fashion artists. Labeling their work 'exotic' is an under statement. The colourful silks are combined to create unique outfits inviting you to a journey around the world in full senses.
The normal match for those outfits are the postcards-like bags: small, elegant, an increasing the wanderlust.
For classical women, looking for a stable and staple look, Nobi Talai offers interesting combinations in pastel clearn colours. Beauty resides in the simplicity of the cuts and the little details, like the ribbons on the side of a blouse.
Spread between the dresses, some pieces of jewelry were also presented. Malaika Raiss, for instance, displays discrete pieces that are adding that needed personal touch of elegance to the general outfit.
Although it displays only a small share of the general fashion design world of Berlin, this year edition of Der Berlin Mode Salon was a good opportunity to get to know interesting works of fashion that will pop up for sure over and over again in my fashion and style Berlin radar.

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