Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Interior design inspiration in Berlin: Habitat Store in Potsdamer Platz

I rarely fell in love with a design store. In most cases, I am particularly looking for inspiration for various pieces of furniture, seldomly for a full room set. Unfortunately, in the case of many such stores - IKEA including - the setting is neglected for the chaotic accumulation of products. After all, the thinking might be that the customer is interested in buying not in visiting an exhibition. Habitat store in Potsdamer Platz, Berlin makes a well deserved difference in this respect.
Expanded on two storeys, the store offers everything you need for your modern house: from chairs and various office items, to full living or bedroom sets. The employees are running up and down, ready not only to convince you to buy a specific product, but knowledgeable in interior design affairs. Therefore, if you are looking for a particular advice for a dramatic challenge to your house, you will most likely find the right person here. You don't need to pay a 'consultant'.
The items are available in different colours - like the red chair that is also offered in yellow or gray or cognac, among other culours. The furniture suits the modern houses and spirit, when you want to fill a small space with as few objects as possible.
Sometimes, one single colourful item can definitely change the entire mood of the house. At Habitat you can easily bring more life into your kitchen or living room, with one single object. The products are medium to high prices, but if you make the right decisions, you can easily satisfy even the strictest budget. 
Comfort goes hand in hand with practicality and multi-functionality. This sofa from the picture can be easily made into a guest bed. For the long winter days, one can spend the working day at home there, while enjoying the full comfort without leaving the room. I am not so happy with this colour, but materials are also available. 
The store offers everything you need for your house, for bathroom decorations to colourful carpets. Don't expect Persian quality at those carpets, but at least a modern piece with a lot of colours. Don't expect elegance or high-end choices, but at least some youthfoul and friendly vibes. Sometimes it can be enough.
In addition to carpets, the pillow section is also worth an eye, for the same reason.
You can easily spend a couple of good hours strolling the various sections of the store. Leaving home with at least one item is also possible. For instance, the copper-coloured lamps are so elegant and simple. Or the leather brown sofa, perfect for a business-like house or even an office lobby.
One of the products that I definitely fell in love with is this very practical desk. It is the right investment in terms of space and comfort. You can set up your laptop with enough space left for some files or a book you are working on. It can easily be moved in different parts of the house and when not used for work, it can be an elegant decorative table or a good writing spot. 
Another interesting section richly represented at Habitat gathers beautiful photographies and paintings, many of them travel- and nature-inspired. Some can be purchased for over 200 EUR. but sometimes only this small investment can dramatically change the perspective in your room. The customer service is there to help you to choose the right one as well as to establish the details of the delivery or other technical aspects.
My visit at Habitat was a revelation. Besides the good practices in terms of customer service, I've found a couple of interesting ideas and products that would love to have in my own house. As soon I am planning a dramatic re-design of my home, this visit was more than a professional investigation, it seems. 

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