Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Planet Bamboo: Ecological toothbrushes for a healthy planet

As a strong supporter of the idea of 'brands with a conscience', I am parcimonious when it comes to product reviews and promotions. On my blog, I am always supporting products and companies that are not always tempting from the visual and price point of view, but who are generally supporting projects aimed to create a positive impact in the society, be it environmentally or otherwise. This is how I've found at the beginning of this year Planet Bamboo, a Stuttgart-based company creating ecological toothbrushes made of bamboo that accepted to send me for testing their products. 
Created in November last year, Planet Bamboo aims at challenging the harm made by plastic by offering the alternative of a material that has a limited environmental risk: bamboo. As one of the founders, Anton, an engineer by profession, told me earlier this year in a phone conversation, the company was created having in mind the idea of 'making the world a cleaner place', by avoiding the plastic polution risks. 
The tooth brushes, produced in China, were delivered in a nicely looking brown paper boxes featuring a panda brushing his teeth, with a short description in German of the main features of the products and a website address. My testing lot included 2x toothbrushes: 1 for adults and 1 for children. My testing time was of around 2 intensive weeks, using them twice the day, both me and my 20-month year old son.
The first thing you notice about the toothbrushes is how light they are. You can hardly notice you are holding something. Especially for small children, they are a very good start for practising their tooth brushing skills. As for now, the products do not have the approval of any local dentists' association. Cleaning the teeth is very easy and efficient, the brush being robust and soft, and easy to move too.It makes the brushing early in the morning a very easy work, not only for the little ones. 
The products themselves are permanent work in process, as since the first launch of the product, an improved variant was already offered, in less than one year. The tooth brushes are BPA-free, 96% biologically built, vegan and ecological. 
Personally, I was very happy with the product and I can strongly recommend to anyone. Well, maybe the colours of the brush aren't so attractive, but I definitely loved the lightness of the brush body and its features.
You can check their website: for the various offers and price discounts.

Disclaimer: Although the products were offered for review by Planet Bamboo, but the opinions are, as usual, my own


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