Friday, November 10, 2017

Yoga in the Office or How to Keep Yourself Fit in the Cubicle

Most of my working life I spent in an office, on a chair - not always chosen taking into account the highest health standards for my back, in the front of the computer. With over 10 years as a journalist and PR executive, I also had the advantage that once in a while I had to go out and move my feet or just run up on down the stairs of the office to check some lead or proof-read once again my article. At the time I was very unhappy with all the hassle, but in fact it was a great advantage for my mobility.
As a freelancer, I was even less tempted to move very often, but I rarely spent 24 hours in my home office without going out at least for one hour. I do not drive in Germany, therefore, I have to walk until the next metro station which is 10 minutes away of walking. Since I do have a smart phone, I am trying to check the Samsung Health app every day and reach my 6,000 steps the day. However, once in a while, I still feel stiff and I did experience a lot of back problems lately.
At Office Yoga by Julie Schoen is a great inspiration to keep moving your body and improving your mobility, even you have to sit at your desk the whole day. With pre-, during and after-work practical exercises, beautifully displayed in photo and explained in words, it includes a couple of exercises that keep you in good shape and even help you fight headaches without overload of medication. The cover looks not so appealing, but the materials included in-between the covers is very good quality though.
I am not a regular yoga practitioner, but once in a while I like to do some exercise, feeling less stiff and more mobile. Especially for the office part of the practice, you might not need to take your yoga mat in the office, as the exercises require a limited space and sometimes without even leaving your chair. But it is enough to make yourself comfortable in your body and relax in-between stressful assignments. Besides the obvious health advantage, a regular yoga practice will also help increase productivity, as you can relax, take a deep breath and maybe see things in a much better light.
My personal advice is to take the full advantage of the lunch break and spend some time walking around the office, to keep the window open and preferably to have your office near a window to relax yourself once in a while looking outside. Taking short breaks is also recommended, outlined by small walks in the office and some of the yoga exercises recommended in this book. You can be happier, more efficient and healthier too. 
A recommended read for any modern woman looking to have a better life quality.

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