Monday, April 15, 2013

A new chapter: flowers

Each week, on Friday evening, we should have beautiful flowers on our table. As in the case of the food, I try to adapt the type of flowers with the season, the discussions that we will have, the style of guests or any other occasions it may occur. 

I am the one who chose the flowers and decided about the final arrangement. The average price of the flowers in Berlin is acceptable, and with around 5 Euro I can easily find what I need. Most shops in my area - the Western side of the city - are owned by Thai people, very pleasant and ready to help when it comes to arranging a nice bouquet. The price is fixed and not open to negotiation, as it used to be the hometown of my childhood, where the inviting Roma women were inviting you to buy the most beautiful flowers I ever seen. The more you were buying the better the price.

In Germany, as everywhere else in Western Europe, the flowers are sold in cute small shops, many situated close to the subway. It looks as a good business, as people always buy flowers, even though I do not see on the street too many carrying them on their way home or to a date. 

In the past 4 weeks, the predominant flowers of the table were tulips - especially the orange and yellow ones - and some interesting roses - light pink and some traces of green, and my favourite type, the passion red ones. The last week, I found some extraordinary flowers, looking so delicate and like painted. I do not remember the name, I was thinking there are anemone, but when I googled it and saw some of the pictures there was no connection with my flowers. 

As I am right now in a middle of (another) redefinition of my career and passions - my career always used to be the result of some open passions - I decided that I should use more time to do creative flower arrangements in the next months. Hopefully, the weather will go better and better and I will be in that special mood for discoveries and learning. 

I grew up in a house with a big garden and flowers and spent a lot of time in the middle of the nature, hiking in the mountains and discovering on my own flowers and fruits, and running after butterflies. The fine school of flower design was never one of my priorities, but long time ago - before moving in Japan for a year - I wanted to get some Ikebana basics. Time is my most precious asset and I will complicate my priority list for the next weeks with some learning about flower arrangements. If I succeed, I will be able to bring smile and happiness to many people that would enjoy my ideas and only for their smiles and it is worth the effort to try. 

Till then, some pictures with the mysterious flowers of the last week.

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