Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Failure in the kitchen

My multi-tasking abilities brought me a lot of success - and money. However, and this is not because I am getting tired, there are some tasks that need more attention that the others, and taking a break from the craziness of doing more than 2 times at a time is strongly recommended in certain situations.

Multi-tasking (mis)adventures in spring
I am not talking about talking on the phone, messaging on Skype and biding to a new project, or correcting a doc while listening to some inspirational webinars. Or writing a post for a blog and giving directions for the house management or setting up the cooking list for Friday while editing an article. I am talking about the situation when I should bake a cake and I better do nothing else than thinking about the cake. 

It is not a matter of time, as I was allowed to have a longer break as I was quite fast with the serious assignments in the morning. It was a matter of bad habits rather than anything else. Today revealed me the deep sadness when a moment prepared for such a long time was failed because while preparing a very simple lemon cake I was chatting on Skype even it was no emergency, only a basic conversation about my lemon cake that ended up as a failure. Basically, I forgot to add the eggs, even though the eggs were the ingredients that I was missing at home and I was looking for while shopping. 

I insisted, in denial, that my cake will be fine after all, without the eggs, but I was wrong. I neeed to admit that my cake adventure is a failure and I have the choice of: either buying new ingredients and giving one more chance, or simply giving up and accepting an evening without nothing sweet in the house. I rather want to go on the second variant, as the food budget is overdue already, and my time is limited as I am terribly late with writing and other assignments.

After a bad kugel this Shabbos, when no one really appreciated my combination between potatoes and zucchini and the whole product ended up in the bin, it seems that I am spending a quite bad time in the kitchen right now. However, I hope that tomorrow I will be able to try some interesting salads and go beyond that unpleasant situation. 

Gathering more lessons learned about how to accept failures, not only in the kitchen, but in the daily life as well. Blame it the spring!

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