Thursday, April 25, 2013

Searching for the perfect kitchen: BayKuechen

A standard ready-made model at Karstadt.
Of course I did not give up my plans to get more knowledge in the domain of kitchen design. However, for the moment I cannot follow my dream in a systematic way, as there are more dreams knocking insistently on my wish-list door. The good part is that I am trying at least once the week to visit a location where I can get more inspiration till I will be able to take some classes and learn in a coherent way about what's the best to do in the kitchen.

A couple of days ago, I visited the BayKuechen stand in a big superstore and tried to understand their offers. The company sells a couple of models of big kitchen, but their strong point by far is the capacity to plan your kitchen according to your budget, wishes and space constraints. The planning is made on computer after a consideration of your personal choices - such as colours - and features of the space. The final result has 100% warranty, is produced in Germany and is set up by professional teams. 

I was impressed by the cute colours - magnolia, vanilla, apple calvados - and by the elegant lines. Everything looks very practically cut, with several functionalities that suit especially the middle class families, with 2 or more children. It may suit very well a small restaurant or bistro kitchen. The prices vary between 1,200 to 2,300 Euro. 

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