Saturday, May 3, 2014

Beauty corner: Vitamin C Microdermabrasion by Body Shop

What's the best relaxing solution after a crazy week: a face mask. This time, I rather preferred to test something new, and the answer was a Vitamin C Microdermabrasion from Body Shop. Right now, there are a couple of small size pocket face masks, available for only 2 Euro, and I plan to test as many of them in the next weeks and at the end of the testing to purchase the one who's really the best.
I usually use extensively green tea-based masks with proved results over the years. This time, not sure why, I picked up this product, probably because I know also how good Vitamin C does for my skin. One of the main qualities of this vitamin is the production of collagen, which aids the regeneration of cells and the recovering of blood vessels. After using it on the skin, your face will look firm and generally strengthen. 
The application is relatively easy, and there is enough cream to use it for both face and neck. Applied with round movements, the fine exfoliating micro-particles. Keep it on the skin for around 5 minutes. During this short amount of time, I felt how the mask is producing effects on my skin: a little bit of irritation. 
I cleaned the mask with water and couldn't believe how fast the soft and smooth of my skin returned. It felt as a mask of dead cells left my face. It works efficiently and is strongly recommended for any type of skin. 
As in the case of any type of mask, it is recommended to clean the face previously from make up or other impurities that one usually got from the air.  

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