Friday, April 19, 2013

A perfumed choice for the week-end: Pleasures, by Estée Lauder

The wave of Pleasures from E.Lauder is not easy to describe. Anyway, how one can correctly and precisely describe pleasures? It is completely out of question to succeed in describing correctly all the flavours and impressions sent by a drop of this simple yet mysterious bottle. For a couple of days already, I am trying to describe in the simplest possible way this perfume, but I did not reach the proper level of brevity yet. 

As an eternal lover of lilies and everything that has to do with it, especially perfumes, and as an equal admirer of the delicate jasmine fragrances, the presence of both passions in a perfume called 'Pleasures' is beyond expectations. Baie rose was also added, and violets, and the result is not your every day perfume. It matches velvet dresses or silky flowerly-prints. I will not wear it in the morning, or on the way to the gym. Not even when I am going out with the friends for shopping or for a coffee, when I travel or when I should make a presentation at work. Rather, when I am invited to a reception or at a opera or classical concert, at a wedding anniversary or for a family gathering. It goes with the spring and early winter. The summer may be too hot for such passionate pleasures. 

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