Sunday, April 14, 2013

Kitchen wallpapers from Farrow & Ball

Lattice Source: Farrow & Ball
I am a big fan of interesting wallpapers, especially for the kitchen. Classically, this part of the house is considered as a place to work in, but not necessarily a space where do you need a certain design. Everything should be as practical and clean as possible, isn't it?

I belong to the group of kitchen philosophers according to whom I need to have a kitchen who is also looking good and challenging and inspiring. 

Curious to explore points of views and different perspectives, I asked the opinion of a company with expertise in the field of paints and wallpapers, Farrow & Ball, about the latest trends in terms of kitchen  trends. 

Tessella Source: Farrow & Ball
What I really love about them is the variety of patterns and the classical and elegant models. Compared with other wallpapers, they do not use ink hence the exquisite look of all their collections. As any respectable fashion trends, they launch the collection for the next year one season in advance. Thus, you may wait the next autumn for getting an idea about the most wanted trends in 2014. 

For the current season, the trend colours are: black blue - probably depends a lot of the combinations and the room where do you plan to use the colour; French grey and stone blue - awesome interior design options anywhere, but especially in the kitchen; and cornforth white - I can't say too much about it. 

Another good news is that you can try their online service for various advices. And you most probably will need it as a sharp choice is almost impossible with so many beautiful models around. I did it already because I wanted to know from an authorized source what suits the best a busy kitchen.

What to do in the kitchen: Wallpapers or paints?

My big question was: which is the best choice for a busy kitchen? Wallpaper or paints?

Oriental inspiration: Rajah Stripe Source: Farrow & Ball
Both answers are correct, in fact. The wallpapers are covered with a special protective coating and thus it is a limited risk to damage them for good; you can clean the wallpapers after you are done and everything will look as new. The wallpapers are fit to be applied on stone, wood and metal. On the other hand, in areas close to the fan spots and with exposure to moisture, the wallpapers is not a good idea and you better used the option of the paints instead.  

Since February this year, new models are available on the market, many of them suited to be used in any type of kitchen: inspired by old 19th century design, with geometrical forms and some elegant animal motifs - did I mention that we are talking here about a British company so please expect the strictest and highest standards in terms of taste?

If interested to build your knowledge in terms of wallpapers and decorations, you may be interested in ordering one of their books

Meanwhile, we will continue our exploration of good practices and interesting ideas of kitchen design!

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