Monday, June 23, 2014

Interior design inspiration: Lambert shop Hamburg

Situated in the elegant Hansa Viertel, close to the Gansemarkt, Lambert shop is an interesting destination for those looking for some high-class furniture, home accessories and table ware. Covering many stores and style variations, it is mostly inspired by the Asian heavy furniture, but equally displays objects of modern inspiration. 
The most displayed items are those of Asian origin, adapted to the European tastes into lively and unusual colours such as green or red. The main target is the owner of a big spacious house, even mansion. However, minimalist pieces of furniture, that suit smaller space that encourages a vertical development and embellishment.
The furniture is not only elegant, but shockingly innovative, as it is the case with two-legged table on the right side. It can be used to adorn the lobby, or as a simple yet interesting decoration in the living room. The dark colours are also an all time favourite, as it could match every interior and wall painting.
Up to a different level of the store, comfy leather Recamiers and various candle decorations are displayed. While visiting the shop, I felt that you cannot always match completely one full room with the pieces of furniture available, but it is also possible to find out more online, as the shop has a virtual shop too. 
Although the shop benefits of an impressive amount of space, the overall design of the shop did not impress me too much. Disparate and not stylistically matched pieces of furniture are brought are sharing the same space only because it seems they are too many for allowing the free access in the rooms. 
Some corners though can offer the full package of inspiration for matching at least half of the room. The Chinese style of closet is my favourite as it is very simple and with a generous space behind the doors. 
The customer service is very friendly and ready to help in case you are lost among so many temptations. I favour always very simple furniture arrangements, avoiding crowded corners - not only because there might be children that can be hit by or annoyed because lacking the proper space to move or play. 
When comparing Western and Eastern style of living, I noticed that in the latter case, we might need more space for books, as big plates and vases are usually used for carrying food or flowers, not for decorations on the shelves. 
The prices are middle to high-end, with the value of a modest chair going to 249 EUR. and a 100x240 wooden table to about 4,000 EUR. I suppose that if they would invest a little bit more in the style of the shop, there will be even more customers interested to buy, inspired by the good taste and smart suggestions for room arrangements. 

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