Thursday, June 19, 2014

My newest colourful love: 2 in 1 Green Lamarthe handbag

It was just another summer day, when I entered Galeries Lafayette Berlin to kill a bit of time and have a look at the newest models of bags, hats and maybe for some blogging inspiration. Then, I saw this beautiful Lamarthe bag. So beautiful that I spent more time than scheduled in admiration.
Maybe the colour is a big too strong, but with a simple summer outfit - yellow or pink salmon or light brown/beige, or if bold enough, some orange, it brings a lot of happiness. As for the shows, if there are matchable green shows, why not, otherwise, some beige or yellow sandals can be recommended as well. The bag is spacious enough for a lot of important items, from your tablet to your phone, a make-up set, your purse and even a kindle. Only be careful not to overload it as it is hand-carried. 
It is made of quality leather and the interior is coated with quality silk. 
Mostly a daytime accessory, when folded it can easily be carried on for an evening party. This multi-functional quality is an important asset and if you can buy it on sales - right now the price goes around 150 EUR. - it's a very serious investment. As it is summer, don't forget to wear a light make-up!

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