Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Makeup review: Soft eyeliners from Studio London

I love using eye-liner a lot. Sometimes, I only need a line around my eyes and I feel like nothing else matters. Especially when I am so busy all round the day, I would also love that the eye-liner lasts more than a couple of minutes, therefore, I don't need to refresh the makeup every couple of hours.
My latest addition of Studio London eyeliners is the perfect ingredient for a fashionable summer, without too much effort. 

The four nuances of my pencils - brown, beige, blue and grey - are pastels, easy for the morning, middle of the day and the evening too. You can easily match them at the beach, for a shopping spree or an early hiking - yes, I am that kind of person who uses a little bit of make-up even when about to embark on a camping adventure - or a glamorous date. They are soft and you can use them together with light, pastel make-up eye shadows. A good Mascara accentuates the colourful effect and makes your eyes shining brighter in the colours of the summer. 
The blue might be a bit too strong nuance, if you are not so brave when it comes to make-up, but you can soften with some light shades. The grey and beige do have some nice metallic shades which are both distinguish and elegant. 
Although are bigger than the usual eyeliners, you can easily carry in your makeup purse, so no extra space needed. 
My only inconvenience was that after so much - almost daily - use, I needed to sharpen them and as they are quite big, I had to find the right sharpener. Fortunatelly, I've found a two-size - very big and small - sharpener by Rival de Loop at Rossmann's, which was perfect to get them back in shape.
Overall, I recommend the soft eyeliners, especially if you like some special nuances on your eyes. Easy to apply and to match, this 4-pencil collection is a good addition to your makeup studio, especially if you want to try something completely different this summer. Or, to keep the summer on for the rest of the year.

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