Thursday, February 22, 2018

Finding Peace in the Middle of the Storm: Yoga for Beginners by Ntathu Allen

Busy all day long, cleaning the house and doing basic household management, figuring out how to cope with the small kid's tantrums, wandering when the teenage years of the big girl will end up, doing a lot of extra search for more freelance jobs, while keeping up with the challenging assingments. This is only a small part of my hectic single mom schedule. Going with the flow is the best you - and I too - can do, but although I am trying to maintain myself a very Zen, denial-like attitude, stress is hiding waiting an single moment of weakness to jump into my life and take hold of it. 
I personally didn't grow up surrounded by too much Oriental meditation and yoga - my mother z''l, wanted once in a while to practice it but never actually did it - but when things are coming up and up into your life, you want to consider every single recommendation that might make your life easier and bearable. When time is a precious currency, you need to try those methods that do not require too much of your time, and recently I've read and reviewed a book suggesting how to get rid of stress while keeping working in your cubicle.
Probably I needed to start differently, by a Yoga for beginners instead. The book with this name by Ntathu Allen is an excellent simple introduction to the easiest methods for relieving stress for busy parents and entrepreneurs. A book of 'take-away yoga' practice, helps to 're-capture the calm and tranquility' and reconnect with both your family and a healthy work life. If you don't remember exactly any experience of calm and tranquility - yes, I am guilty as charged - then you can at least make an effort to follow some of the exercises, which do not require more than a chair where to start practicing. Breathing is by far one of the most important part of the practice. 'Any time you feel stressed and overwhelmed during the day, turn your attention to your breath', which among others will bring 'oxygen to your braind and body'. Without oxygen not only the stress and headaches are torturing your life, but the risks of cerebral accidents and strokes are significantly increasing. And you don't want to deal with that, isn't it?
Some of the exercises can be done alone, in some cases you can also involve your child. Putting aside a couple of minutes every day for your wellbeing is a very healthy practice that it is not impossible to introduce into your routine. Wake up a bit early in the morning or stay into your room a bit late when everyone is (finally) asleep and you can notice how things are starting to get better and better. Meditation is key to finding the best way back to yourself and towards mindfulness and a life with a better spiritual direction. According to Ntathu Allen, the main benefits of meditation are strengthening the mind, effective breathing habits, forgive others and yourself, enhances intuition, positive and healthy thoughts, connection to humanity and joyfullness. 
The book is provided with useful illustrations serving as a practical guidance for the yoga exercises recommended, and with many examples encountered in the author's personal life and yoga practices. A book recommended to anyone that promise to her or himself that this year things will be different, much stress-free different.

Disclaimer: Book offered by the author in exchange for an honest review

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