Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Product Review: Warm Cookie Dough Shower Cream by Treaclemoon

Yes, you've read it right: Warm Cookie Dough Shower Cream. It is not a mistake and (this time) I will not share a recipe. This post is exclusively about a deliciously smelling shower cream, a limited edition created by Treaclemoon. This product is one of the many from a line which includes shower creams and gels with attractive names such as Apple Pie Hugs or Nutmeg Coffee Cake. If you are a foodie, like me, you would definitely love to keep your creative foodie mood while having a shower. After all, many of the good ideas are popping up our minds when we are lost in thoughts in the shower, isn't it?
A couple of years ago I had a little discussion with a colleague at work about those beauty products smelling as foods. 'Who wants to smell like an apple strudel?', she said, and at the moment I was almost convinced she was right. However, as usual when it comes to foods, it is a matter of recipe to create the finest, less smell-intrusive product. Although the Warm Cookie Dough Shower Cream do smell like a warm cookie in contact with water, on the skin it has a discrete mild fragrance, which rather reminds of shower creams than on a cookie. It is an aromated, vanilla scented smell which relaxes your senses and makes your skin feel good. I've tested the product every day for a couple of days already and haven't experienced any allergic reaction. 
Treaclemoon, which has in its German version, one of the most creative websites of a German company I ever seen, creates not only innovative mixtures, but also vegan and cruelty free products, an additional reason to have them if you are concerned about the environment and wants to surround yourself by brands with conscience. Their products, which are dermatologically tested and free of silicones or parabene, including the Warm Cookie Dough Shower are available in Germany in the Rossmann, dm, Müller and Budni.

Disclaimer: Products offered for review via the Rossmann Blogger Project, but the opinions are, as usual, my own

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