Monday, July 23, 2018

Reconnect to Yourself Through Painting

When is the last time when you really connected with yourself? When after a busy day, or week, or month - or even a year - you took some time off from all the other people and assignments from your life and spent some half an hour or 45 minutes or even an hour only with yourself?
It is what I asked myself a couple of weeks ago, when during my time of 'rest and relaxation' I decided to book some creative classes for getting my self back My creativity boost is not something new for me, as once in a while I do take some time off and keep myself busy with various creative, self-centered activities. I did when I booked a full class of over 3 months of Chinese painting, or when I developped various idea-inspired home-made decorations projects, jewellery or even painting. 
However, the last 3 years as a fully self-employed single mother were particularly difficult - although rewarding - and the last priority on my agenda was painting or anything connected with art. After all, when think and schedule some artsy moment when you have way too many bills to pay, parenting priorities and other house chores that too often are overwhelming for just a simple human being?
I was only partially right. The positive energy and focus spent in one hour of 'me time' is as valuable as a healthy afternoon nap. It is regenerative, positivity boosting and healthy for your mind. Although not a great painter, that one hour quality time I spent with myself scribbling with colours, was a deeply reconnecting time which I recommend to anyone, especially those busy women coping with a lot of home and work stress. 
From many points of view, it is as valuable as a one hour of therapy: you can freely talk - but with yourself, you are enjoying a space of freedom and creativity. I also recommend to use some light, meditation music which will create a special relaxing ambiance.
This art class I took was just two weeks ago, but it looks so far away in terms of my inner time. I didn't schedule a new class but I know that my weekly program should include at least one hour per week of creativity. This time, I am decided to keep the promise to myself...

What about you? When was it the last time when you took some 'me time'? Would love to hear your impressions.

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