Monday, July 2, 2018

Taking a Summer Break from Online Dating?

The Dating World is such a narrow bridge...
Is summer the right time to reconsider and re-evaluate your dating standards and aims? To sum up all the experiences you had over the year and take the right step towards a final decision or just freezing all the dating attempts for a while?
Especially if you are into online dating - and not the classical matchmaking, which is also good - you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of messages or 'likes' to your profile, but almost no real-time dates. It seems that many guys are there only to kill some time, while browsing profiles but nothing serious to consider. Is this because free dating sites are, you know, free and people just set up as many free profiles on those free dating websites mostly for having some fun not necessarily looking for a serious and stable relationship?
Sometimes it is easier to judge and make fast assumptions, as the reasons people are avoiding a real-time date may be as many as the motivations of creating a profile on an online dating website. Some may be not ready for a date, some may be afraid of moving forward some are just to shy. Of course, when you feel out of time and annoyed that after months of chats and time wasted online nothing really happened, taking a break, or completely breaking out is also a good decision. Good or bad, it is your decision and especially if you are on a free dating site, there is no financial loss involved therefore no big regrets.
When online dating is no more fun, and your stress level is higher than in one of your previous failed relationship(s) my recommendation will be to just to take a break for a short while or longer. Especially when summer is around the corner, and there are so many things to see and social opportunities to meet people in real life, such a break may in fact open your eyes to the potential available men that are out in the wild life and not only on the other side of the computer. It is a different communication which is completely worth the try.
In fact, if you want to have all your options open, you have to always try juggling between the online and offline dating. Thus, you have more open options that can only bring you good luck.
Another advice would be to change the dating website. With so many free or paid apps and online sites, you can easily switch to one or two more tailored to your interests. Using too many of them is also not too good, as it may be too hectic and exhausting. I personally recommend using maximum 3 apps, preferably one general, one more geographically confined and another another one eventually paid. 
As I am right now on a rest-and-relaxation wellness break, I decided to take a short break from online dating, reconsider my options and aims and return to the busy life with a different, hopefully more relaxed perspective on life - and dating too.

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