Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Book review: Die Mama trickliste für Babyzeit

As during pregancy I did not read too many books about babies and other related information, the first days after giving birth we started to update at the speed of light with various data and answers for basic questions about the baby life. The advantage of speaking many languages is that you can find various resources, but of course, the school of thought when it comes to children may be very different. 
However, I am open to integrate various ideas and tips and I do not mind to take the best from all. As we have the luck of a very good children doctor we are half-way through happiness, but I still feel that I need to improve my knowledge about babies. 
This book by Ute Glaser has the advantage of offering a lot of simple information both for parents - at least about the beginning of the book - and for children. I was happy to realize that some of the tips I was already using, such as to have a thermos for keeping warm the water for the milk. 
For me, the most important part was about what you have to do after giving birth, and especially how wise it is not to try to be the best and keep inviting people. This is exactly what we did and my burnout shortly after made a lot of sense. Wish I was more convinced that 'Relax, tomorrow is another day' should be my motto. It is also says that it is quite normal to feel at the end of a very exhausting day as you have not done nothing and before starting to write intensively every day, this is how I felt in the first weeks after coming back from the hospital.
As for baby-related information, I discover some good ideas: for instance, that second hand baby clothes are better because many of the chemical substances are already out of the materials following repeated washing; or that you have to keep the baby in the arms in the part close to the heart that he is used to hear from the time in the womb; or that the afternoon sleep in the open air is very healthy;
My disappointment regarding this book is the lack of a more structured information about the various stages of life. In the first year, planning every step every month is very important and I am very interested to know how I can deal correctly with various changes - right now, diversifying the food. Overall, a book recommended to GErman speakers parents, but still not that book I am looking for. Search in process...

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