Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Energy morning treats by Ovomaltine

I am not a big fan of chocolate spreads and I still remember my shock when my first breakfast in Switzerland I was invited to put some Nutella chocolate on my bread. Sounded so barbarian for me that I needed years till I finally accepted to try. When I spread the crunchy Ovomaltine spread on my black bread, and started to taste it, my bad impressions were history but the results were more than surprising. It does taste as chocolate, but has some special strong taste that can be enough for the rest of the day. And, in fact, it was as I was full enough to do not dream about anything else. 
As I am a coffee fanatic, replacing the coffee with any other substitutes, makes me feel like a traitor. For my culinary explorations, I try once in a while some cocoa, but no way to make a long term commitment of replacing it for good. Especially not in the morning. Thus, I prepared my Ovomaltine treat in between two afternoon coffees. I used 180 cold milk for 18 g. Ovomaltine. I did not add sugar, but mixed extra as it takes longer to dissolve. 
It contains a healthy mixture of malz and cocoa, with many vitamins added such as Calcium, Magnesium and B12. So good and self sufficient that at least for one hour I forgot that I only need coffee. Drinking it in the morning made it for a full meal, with that energy dosis that everyone needs to go through the daily challenges. 

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