Friday, February 26, 2016

Month 5 with the baby

The awesome invention of mobile playground
There were so many things going on in our baby life in the last 30 days. As a general rule, he entered a very healthy schedule, with early wake up around 5.30 after a full night of sleep, eating, sleeping a bit, playing, eating, sleeping again, some more playing, eating, a couple of hours outdoors when weather allows, eating, playing, 30 minutes of sleep, bath. We tried to keep this pace and in most cases everythin went more smoothly than expected.
The biggest achievement this month was the purchase of the mobile playground, a very great idea, made up of colourful pieces put together, made of different materials, uttering sounds, with mirrors and plush that are a delightful idea. He spends around 2 full hours there, playing with the toys and this time is a precious mommy time too, when I just can do my writing things while watching him from close. We bought more and more toys, that are aimed to stimulate his creativity and help him develop. More about the amazing industry of children toys in a coming post.
Compared with the previous months, he spends much more time touching and observing things, pulling up and trying to feel the materials. 
Another big step for the baby was the introduction of solid foods. I am preparing an extensive post about it but till then, we are very happy with the addition and we tried to add new and new foods - white carrots, carrots, pumpkin, spinach, fruit mix, evening brei with vanilla or banana. Another reason to be happy was that so far there were not allergic reactions so we can keep going on with more experimenting. We did not try fish and meat yet, but hope to find a kosher solution in the next 2 weeks.
There were another awesome things going on too: we went travel by airplane, bus and train. It was not easy for us and for the other passengers, but at the end of the journey, he reacted quite well and ended up by taking some healthy naps in between long sessions of screaming. There were many lessons learned but also a warning that we have to try to slow travel and listen to his requirements first and foremost. Conclusion: travel with a baby is not easy at all!
The communication improved significantly and he smiles more and more. He also developed a funny caugh that drove me to panic first, but two doctors told me that in fact it is just a way to grab our attention. Also, he can show us also when he does not agree with something, looking at us with some big worried eyes. 
He also moving a lot, with the neck getting stronger and stronger - we are doing some special therapy too, as the doctor realized that more exercise is needed - with more rolling on sides. We also had a little panic moment, when the doctor announced us that his head is a bit flat and we need to check out with some other specialists about. Hopefully, everything is fine and will come back later with a detailed post about this. 
Overall, everything is changing, and not only his hair: we bought a new sleeping bag, most of his first clothes are packed in bags and ready to go further to other kids, we have to find him a new bed as soon as possible. 
But first and foremost, I am very happy to have spent a lot of time with the baby as I decided to give up work for now and apply for the so-called 'Elterngeld', the salary given by the German state to moms for the first year of life of the kid. We went beyond the bureaucratic stage and we are waiting for the further developments. 
Ready for more baby adventures to come!

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