Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pro and cons the bottle food

In the very first days of the first week of the 4th month of the baby, we started immediately to change his menu, by introducing each day and right now, one month after, each meal, a new type of food. As I am preparing right now an extensive post with my lessons learned about the first baby meals, I focus right now on some aspects regarding the bottle food only. Two months ago, I started to ask and read around various opinions about and also based on my own conclusion, the following ideas emerged:


- Expensive - One small bottle can cost in Germany around 1 Euro one. Right now, I buy every week around 5 different ones. If I want something really special, I have to buy the kosher ones which are more expensive - around 3 Euro the little bootle. As in Germany the food is so cheap, you may suppose that you can reach a budget of around 3 Euro the week for all diversified meals.
- Unknown source of vegetables - There is always the bio option, but anyway, you have no idea how the vegetables grew up, how and when were harvested and especially, what kind of chemical treatment, if any, was used for them. 
- Perisability - Actually it happened very recently to me the following 'story': a mixture of vegetables - pumpkins, potatoes and carrots was no more good looking after 3 days of getting in and out the fridge. 


- Sterilic - The final product was created in high-end supervised hygienic conditions, respecting the highest food safety rules. Regardless how clean you are, the laboratory-like conditions can never be replicated at home. 
- Low  risk of chocking - Especially in the first months, you should be very careful with what you feed your baby. The bottle products are supposed to have that perfect balance between solid and liquid food that is scientifically required without experiencing any unhappy experience.
- Saves time - Either you are a traveling mom or not, when your baby is screaming from the deep of his or her lungs and you just cannot afford to waste time to clean the vegetables properly, put in the food processor, wait again till everything is done etc. Some products - like bananas - cannot be stored without risking deterioration. With the bottle, you just take it from the fridge and start feeding the baby.

Before being informed about the bottle food, I was convinced that I can do everything on my own, and even downloaded on my Kindle a special book with recipes for babies. I had a lot of time only for my baby, after all. However, after asking people with experience in the field of babies, checking the diverse market I have in Berlin and also reading various opinions of specialists, I decided that, at least for now, I will use the bottle food. The baby is quite happy and developing and as for now, no allergic reactions were noticed and thus, we should just go on with the bottle food.

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