Thursday, February 18, 2016

Histerically laughing about teenagers

What else can you do when you have at least one piece of wild teenager in the house? Sometimes I am worried that something wrong happens with the brain between certain ages but hopefully everything is erased with one click. Except for those having care of them, who are supposed to be the victims of their confusing personality. As a survivor of the life with a teenager, I may agree with a friend of mine that in the old good times they were so right to send the kids away from families during this age, for acquiring an apprentiship, or getting an education, or whatever reason. 
Jan Weiler wrote previously about teenagers - Pubertiere (Tiere means animals in German, so you do not need advanced linguistic skills for understanding the getting the meaning of the  title - how he calls them, so this recent book is a follow up. Kind of update saying 'hey, I survived life with 2 - TWO! for Gd's sake - teenagers'. Altough reading this book will not change anything from the usual drama of the co-habitation with such a creature, at least it makes you laugh. Laugh therapy is good. The most efficient weapon against the tyrans. If not used with the German humour - to add a lot of sarcasm and self-admiration abot how smart you are when you make the joke - you may not get it in many cases, but as for now the book is available in German anyway - including audio version - so if you read it it means that you know more than the basic 'ich bin, du bist...' kind of training. (PS. The der, die, das thing you will never get it...never). 
Why you have to read this book: because you will feel less lonely, more relaxed, ready for a new day with the teenager under the same roof, and more convinced than ever that the dictatorship should be fought against. Wherever you are on this planet, there are many other parents too trying to understand the secret language of their teenies and to order more Energy drinks instead of the old times lemonade because, this is how it works. 
The optimistic me hopes that it is not always the same and at least my sweet little boy will be always respectful and cute and never, but never ever, a wild teenage-animal. At least now, I do have a lot of experience about what to expect. And believe me, be ready to expect the worse.

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