Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Recipe of the week: Green Tea Poached Pear

I wanted to test this green tea poached pear recipe for a long time, but in a way I was not sure that I am ready to be disappointed in case the recipe is failing. But I gathered all my positive energies and focused on the correct preparation of the ingredients and in less than one hour I was ready. I started by boiling in the 200 ml. of water two bags of Punjana tea, my favourite green tea choice for a year, that I received as the prize for a Twitter competition. (The full review of this beautiful tea coming up later). 
When the water was boiling, I added around 12 leaves of fresh mint and 3 slices of ginger, 200 gr. butter and 1 1/1 tablespoon of white sugar. Maybe adding a bit more sugar would have been fine too, but tried to rely on the pear's natural sweetness. I boiled all together for around 5 minutes. It would have been fine to add some cinnamon  or more ginger too.
After intensively simmering I added the pear. I did not want to peel it as I usually like the peel, only cleaned up properly. Boiled everything together for around 10 minutes. After that, I took the pan out of fire and let to rest for another 5 minutes. There was a pleasant soft smell in the air, the combination between the butter and the green tea. 
Wrapped by those beautiful smells, I cut the pear in two, poured a glass of white wine and started the tasting. It was an easy dessert for the evening, not so sweet, going well as a reward of just another mommy day. 
The costs of all the ingredients are less than 10 EUR. It can be prepared within one hour, without too much effort. 

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