Sunday, March 10, 2013

A visit in the world of Dr. Hauschka

my samples
The collaboration with Dr. Hauschka was one of the simplest in my short experience as a blogger. I applied on the website for some samples and the package arrived at my door a couple of weeks later. The package included samples of: a handcream - that is really addictive, as it solves all my problems caused by the long winter -, a face rosecream - very good influence on my skin, even though at the first sight it looks fattier that I am used to in terms of creams, a body Arnica oil - the smell may be discouraging but it makes the body looks like silk - and a lavender body moisturing.

Arnica Oil is recommended for anyone that like the relaxation feeling after hours of intensive training or sauna. It has also jojoba oil and some lemon accents. It is fresh and brings the necessary hydration to a tired skin. The same contribution is brought by the rose cream, that makes the face looks fresh and happy. 

The only think that discouraged me was the unusual smell for me, but in fact it is a guarantee that the products used are natural and do not have additives and other perfumes that may attract you with something else than quality. 

The products distributed by Dr. Hauschka cover many categories: cleaning milks, daily care - eye, face, lips - night products - especially creams, but also products recommended for intensive care, regeneration and weekly treatment, masks, after sun lotions, hair care as well as makeup. Both men and women can benefit of the advantages of using the products

No skin types

Dr. Hauschka is an appreciated brand situated in the South of Germany, close to the sources of natural wellness of the Jura area. It is present all over the German space - in Austria and Switzerland - but appreciated over the world. Recently, my friends from London asked me to find out for them some products for various types of sensitive skin. However, the products are not designed for specific types of skin, the main aim of the product is to reestablish the harmony between the skin and the rest of the body. Each product is based on natural products, from controlled areas. The process of production is over viewed by doctors and specialists.   

The company was created initially in 1935 by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka, a Viennaise chemist passionate about anthroposophy. Haunted by the national-socialists, he delayed the establishment of the business till late at the beginning of the 1960s, when he was able to set up his idea together with his future wife, Elisabeth Sigmund, an expert in cosmetics. The first products were launched in 1967. 

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