Friday, May 24, 2013

I love breakfasts

I am getting ready to have a nice Shabbos meal right now, but only once in the week I am looking forward to enjoy the supper. For the rest of the week, the breakfast is the most important guests and I always start the day with a delicious introduction. Even if I wake up late, at 11 o'clock and the lunch is close, I never jump in the day without a big coffee (the most important coffee of the day) something salty and something sweet (a cake or some cornflakes, usually; the fruits are left for the evening or for the afternoon snack). The omelette is one of my many weakest points as a so-called chef as in the majority of cases it always look like torn into small little pieces (the same with my pancakes). The advantage of reading a lot, including about food is that sooner or later you are closer to solutions that you could not imagine otherwise. Apparently, the remedy for my bad looking omelettes was a spoon of flour. I've read the tip in a book about the Persian cuisine and the next day I woke up early to try it. It worked, but the omelette in the picture was made of 5 eggs (and half of it was kept for the lunch as well). Together with my salad of Camembert, coriander and cherry tomatoes I had the best supply of energy for another busy, very busy day!

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