Monday, April 25, 2016

3 books to inspire your (online) spring dating

I am out of the dating market - for obvious reasons - but I remember those times when I was in and I was having some fun - once in a while. I had try online dating - and had even more fan - or followed friends recommendations. At the time, I did not read too much about the sociology or other scholarly aspects of dating, and kept avoiding so. After all, I was interested to find a partner, not to write an academic paper. Now, looking back, I think books about dating - both non-fiction or fiction - could be helpful. Sharing experiences and lessons learned is what we need when it comes to making short lists out of so many choices. In the last days I had some interesting lectures that would love to share with my readers for the sake of good reading and for the inspiration too.
Becky Andersen is at her first book but I hope she will keep writing more (Read here my interview with her for my bookish blog). The book covers her own experiences about senior dating, with a lot of humour and determination, with advice about how to prepare for the date, the selection of the 'candidates' and other small details - such us how to use social media for advice or just for getting rid of the tension after a bad day. Until the end of the book, she finds the one and they are happily married now. 
Francis James wasn't that luckier. 100 of dates and a book later he did not find the 'one', but he gathered enough case studies for helping other people - in their senior years or not - to take risks and make choices or just leave it. It is a man's perspective on dating, with more emphasis on the visual part and with many lunches shared at the Country Club. Systematically, he analysed each of the dates, calculated the investment and shared the lessons learned. However, the surprise element will always be present: 'You can look at all the pictures, read the profiles, examine all the vital statistics, and still be totally wrong about what you thought your date could be like'.
Disclaimer: Books offered via in exchange of an honest review
I never participated at a speed dating, but probably if you take it easy and do not have too high expectations surprises can come. The Joy of Speed Dating is a novella, the second part of a series intitulated 'The Joy of..'. Lynne Tendai is an overachieved young lady, very judgmental, in a 'significant relationship with her neighbour's cat'. And single. While on the way to take part to a speed dating event, she accidentally met a man that she hurried up to reject and judge, that will - accidetally again reappear into her life and will end up by dating. An easy short read to bright your mornings.   

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