Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Emil Henry, cookware with foodie stories

Some cookware are for short use, some others can be for more than one generation, telling over and over again foodie stories kept from a generation to another. A family business made in the French region of Burgundy, Emile Henry offers for around six generations French design and cooking knowledge to the rest of the foodie world.
The cookware is made using a special burning technology and has an impressive 10-year guarantee. The prices are medium to high but the quality is outstanding and with this guarantee you know that your investment is safe.
As it first the production started with basic cookware products, it extended thereafter by offering now various items, such as pizza stone, bread cloche, tagine baker or baquette baker. Bowls and vinaigre bottles are part of the various collections too.
The basic technique is still used though, although slightly improved to the needs and requirements of the nowadays technology. The handles are particularly special allowing to take it from the oven in a comfortable and safe way. 
If you want to learn more about their techniques, products and the beauty of homemade cooking, their website shares couple of recipes that can be interesting to test. The design lines are simple, with shapes that can easily find a place in the busy closet. The predominant colours are blue, white, brown which gives a touch of high elegance and soberness.
As for me, I am in love with the smart idea of the salt pig. The non-glazed interior helps against sticking salt and you can add salt quickly and practically. Compared to the rest of the collection is also cheaper so sooner or later I will give it a try. 

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