Thursday, April 14, 2016

Pros and cons of second hand clothes shopping for babies

Berlin, especially its Eastern side, is full of stores where second hand products for babies are sold. Usually in this part of the city, there is a high concentration of babies too and thus, these stores are just recycling a lot of things, some of them hardly worn. 
However, how recommended are those products, especially for babies? I am talking here about clothes and shoes, as I will address on a separate post the issue of car seats and toys?
Here are a couple of pros and cons:


- Children are growing up fast and you better find some affordable pieces of clothing for less as in one month time you will have anyway to buy more.
- As the clothes were washed so many times, the harmful chemicals and other substances are already out of the material.
- You protect the environment as using products made already save the harm produced while creating new ones.

- What about the germs contained in clothes from previous owners ???
- Second hand clothes often look tiresome and...just second hand...Do you want your kid to look like a beggar? Even if he or she does not notice that for now....
- Sometimes you do not save too much money. Some Oxfam stores in Germany can be quite expensive in fact.

My choice:
- I am not a big supporter of second hand clothes. I NEVER EVER use second hand shoes, for instance, and I never buy from stores. Stores like ZEEMAN in Germany offer nice and colourful and very cheap clothes so why not use this option instead?
- I prefer to take clothes from people I know and wash them before using. I am very selective though and choose the ones that look fresh and are spotless. 

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