Wednesday, May 25, 2016

In the world of SMEG

I passed by this SMEG store on Kanstrasse 150a many times and admired the pleasant colourful palette. This time, I am decided to dare to go on the other side of the door and get in touch with this retro world. The first meeting: the tasters that look out of some Elvis or Cold War movies. Not bad to see have those shapes and colours last before your eyes till the atomic mushroom got on air, isn't it?
SMEG is an Italian company, created in 1948 in Guastalla, with an offer dedicated to both companies and private buyers. It combines Italian design and functionality, following the unique style of the 1950s. The curved corners and non-traditional shapes and variety of colour combinations keep the company forever young. 
It produces almost everything you need to make your house a little home temple, from toasters to microwaves or in-built coffee machines. The retro refrigerator, with its chunky handle, was launched in 1997 and is considered one of the most popular items. 
The fridges are the best represented in this shop, which is quite huge, but not necessarily stylish. A lot of objects in this Berlin store, some of them so beautiful like this Mondrian-inspired fridge, but without an appealing setting and with a more than modest customer service. 
The ovens are massive, look functional and available in some colourful variants. SMEG collaborates permanently with famous Italian designers, such as Renzo Piano, for permanently launching new lines of products.
The customers - and prices - are middle to high-end, but there are products made to last even more than five seasons. As for now, I am seriously considering to start saving hard for the Mondrian-inspired fridge. Or maybe to wait until even more chic-ness? Hard question...

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