Saturday, October 8, 2016

5 Elegant White Shirts from Anne Fontaine

White shirts are a classic fashion staple, especially if you are an adept - more or less against your will - of the office smart clothes. Anne Fontaine offers one of the best examples of elegance and craft, which makes every simple white shirt a statement well crafted. The prices are medium to high-end. If you are a lawyer or s business woman, you should have at least one of her items, as it sends a clear message of strength and self-awareness. Her products can be bought online too - site available in English and French - and for purchases of over 300 EUR., there is free delivery. In Berlin, there is a beautiful small shop on Kurf├╝rstendamm 42.
Here are my 5 elegant shirts that I recommend. Believe me, the choices were not easy...
1. Agustina, 395 EUR.
This long sleeve silk shirt has an extraordinary elaborated embroidered front. The sleeves are 100% of polyester, and the front from silk. The collar can be open, giving an air of easygoing and self-awareness to the entire outfit. It suits a pencil skirt - the choice of the colour is up to you - as well as a pair of elegant black trousers. You can wear it during the day, at work, or for a late sophisticated date at the opera.
2. Antonina, 250 EUR.

Simple and elegant, this blouse with an elegant pagoda sleeves, is an exquisite choice too. The collar has a classical touch. You can wear it for a special occasion, during the day, matching some colourful patterned skirt or the obligatory high heels.
3. Nazia, 650 EUR.
The perfect outfit for the coming holiday season, this long sleeve blouse in foliage with embroided organza has a bohemian style for women that love elegance. It is the main resistance piece of any outfit and thus, I see it together with a simple pencil skirt. The fine foliage motif is exquisite too. The drawstring at the neckline can be modified and it changes completely the shape. As in the case of most shirts by Anne Fontaine, it requires professional dry cleaning.
4. Aelys, 195 EUR.
One of my favorite from this collection, it has long embroided sleeves in broderie Anglaise style. The chiffon removable lavaliere gives it an air from another, more stylish, times. It makes a date statement, but it can also be worn at a conference or special presentation, matched with a simple skirt or an elegant pair of trousers, preferably black or, if you want to be assertive, red or cognac, or even yellow. 
5. Naidy, 195 EUR
A classical cut, but with an air of sophistication, especially given by the long sleeves in lace. The lace part is playing a smart game with the rest of the shirt body, between transparency of the shoulders and arms and the opaque fluidity of the rest. Is very elegant as work outfit, but also a concert or business lunch. A simple silk pastel skirt make you look like an ethereal presence. 
Pictures from Anne Fontaine website

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