Friday, October 21, 2016

Fragrances to test this season

Although quite conservative in my choices of perfumes, I am always looking for new fragrances to test, sometimes just to answer a special mood or the need for a change into my life. In the last days, I've been out in the perfumes stores - Douglas, the German version of Sephora - discovering and trying to understand new scents.
Here is my short list of recommendations for this season.
This 2015 Paco Rabanne women fragrance, Olympea has a very elegant bottle, representing a laurel crown, illustration of the message of strength and dynamism. The olfactive impression was at the first sight unusual: an explosion of strong impressions, from sandalwood to citrus and vanilla, white floral and salt. It suits a strong, stubborn personality, that doesn't mind to wear it all round the day. A smell not easy to forget.
Offered in a bottle shaped as a hand grenate, the Flowerbomb by Viktor&Rolf is an exuberant pot-pourri of flowers. It may smell as a bubble gum, or like patchouli - not necessarily my favourite fragrance - balanced by musk, jasmine. The list of flowers seems to be even bigger, with orchid, fresya, rose, jasmine being only some of them. The smell is persistent and you can easily wear it for the whole day, but I particularly recommended for some day outfits and during some girls time. After a while it is just intoxicating, not in the bad sense.
Created by Prada in February 2016, Candy Kiss belongs to the same exuberant flower-inspired category. It enhances and explores the powerful musk smell, adding drops of vanilla and white cotton. It plays with emotions and impressions, the balance between elegance and fragility and strong personality. You can wear it for the day, with flowerly dresses and with a big smile on your face. It makes you even more special and different.
Alien, by Mugler is for people really wild at heart, and it is not only about the bottle - with a design between the philosophical stone and the witch secret weapon. The first thing I noticed about it was the strong pepper fragrance, followed by an elegant combination of amber and Indian jasmine. It makes you feel exuberant and special, a bit intimidating at a first date. 
Eau tendre by Chanel brings the flowers into your house and body, leaving around Romantic traces of grapefruit, jasmine and white musk. Elegant and distinguish, it embraces you in the morning and follows your steps during the day, until late in the night. 
Pleats Please is not only a perfume, but corresponds to a collection launched by Issey Miyake a couple of years ago. Although it follows the fruity-flowerly line, it uses exquisite fragrances, such as that of the special Asian fruit - Nashi, a crossing between apples and pear - combined with white flowers, patchouli, vanilla, cedar and white musk. Bubbling at any age and time of the day. It doesn't matter if you keep up with the dress code, this perfume is just another statement about how special and unique you are. 

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